Monday, July 7, 2014

July 2014 Table Club Features

Sivas Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc, California

The aroma has an intense concentration of grass & kaffir lime, mixed with notes of Asian pear. Bright & full of character, the nose is pure Sauvignon Blanc. On the palate, this wine has a wonderful contrast between the rich, creamy mouthfeel from the Russian River portion of the blend & the bright, citrus flavors from Sonoma Valley, creating flavors of lemon curd & key lime pie. This wine is medium-bodied yet focused, with a silky texture that lingers on the mid-palate as the flavors change from citrus to fresh cut grass.

Montes Chardonnay, Chile

This wine is fermented both in cask (60%) & in stainless steel (40%). Half of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation under strictly controlled conditions, to maintain fruity aromas & encourage complexity in the wine. Pale greeny-gold in color, its aroma combines butteriness, vanilla & tropical fruit. A fresh wine; fruity, with good body & balance; creamy & complex mid-palate, with an elegant finish.

Montes Twins Red, Chile

Beautiful lively ruby red color. Young & great power in this wine. The perfect harmony between the aromas of red fruits from Cabernet Sauvignon & the hint of plums from Malbec makes this wine very elegant & attractive. Sweet, fresh & firm tannins from Cabernet Sauvignon combine very nicely with the velvety & smooth body from Malbec. A seductive lingering in the mouth.

Don Rodolfo Tannat, Argentina

Tannat wines are often characterized by elegant, soft tannins & blackberry fruit notes.  Don Rodolfo Tannat is an intense red color with dark purples hues. On the nose, aromas of rich red berries & black currant, with hints of chocolate. It is a bold, expressive & exotic wine.