Monday, August 6, 2012

Why (not how) it all started....

Sometimes in moments of self-realization, clarity, or needing to clean the house quickly, I tuck notes, photos, or mementos into drawers and cabinets because I know their importance, and I need reminders of things that were once special and meaningful to me.  

While re-organizing drawers, making the bathing suit drawer the workout clothes drawer (surely something meaningful in that action), I found some notes I made while on a plane and trying to decide whether or not I wanted to quit my job at Texas Tech, where I had worked for nearly 10 years.  I was amazed how closely I had followed values statements that I wrote to myself over a year ago and had not thought much about since.

In April 2011, I decided it was time to quit my job.  I always knew that my career would have to change to accommodate my family, but when the time came I wasn't sure I was quite ready to put the brakes on a 10 year career and start from scratch somewhere else.

On a plane headed for Houston, I made a list of pros, cons, and value statements to help me decide if it was the right time to quit and what I might do next.  My decision involved several factors including my family, my health, and my self-worth.

So here's the list....word for word what I wrote last April

Why quit?

Take a risk. 
To recover. 
To be entrepreneurial. 
To be proud I can spell entrepreneurial.
Comfortable shoes.
Eliminate (some) guilt.
If I quit and it doesn't work, I can always go back.
I don't like it when I'm a surly traveler.

Why not?

Health insurance.
But I like to travel.

What I want to be/do/create next.

For moms-convenience, variety, health, peace of mind
Time-to relax, to be, to breathe, to accomplish
A patio-because cocktails taste better outdoors
Lifestyle-mom, ranch, West TX, conscious style
My favorite things-walking, travel, dresses, comfy shoes, sunny days, cool breeze
Ability, portability, flexibility, reliability

It's been over a year since I quit my job.  At the time, I had no idea what I would do.  A wine store was one of many ideas.  And I really didn't have to do anything if I didn't want to.  I could be a mom and a wife, but I wanted more. I had some ideals that I wanted to follow, and I set out creating an atmosphere where I could be what my family needed and be what I needed.  I am proud I opened Host & Toast, and I am amazed it mostly fits with what I wrote over a year ago.

What's next?

I hope to use this blog to chronicle my experiences as a mom and a business owner, but I am trying to set attainable, not overly ambitious, goals.  Thus, for me and for my business my plan is simple:

  • Work as hard at being a good mom and wife as I do on my business
  • Be innovative in my business
  • Learn more about wine
  • Write a second blog post (an attainable goal)


  1. Love the first post! Keep up the good work! I believe in you and your success as a mother, daughter, wife, business owner, and whatever else you put your crazy mind to! Always have and always will! Love you to the moon and back with a glass of wine in hand! ~ kate

  2. very very cool!! proud of you and for you!