Sunday, June 9, 2013

Feedback needed

We tried something new this month.  The wine club wines were available to taste for a week rather than only one night.  Did you like having more tasting days? Please leave feedback below.


  1. Yes, that was great! I walked in on what wouldn't normally have been a tasting day only to find out that it still was, and that was terrific. Caleb did a great job in explaining this, too, and in describing the wines for the club.

  2. The only minus is that it becomes less of a social event. Perhaps there could be an official tasting to help maintain this aspect of it (perhaps with a toast, small snacks, a bonus wine to taste, etc. to distinguish the event in some way).

  3. I agree with Ken. I enjoyed the samples being available all week, but kind of missed seeing all my wine buddies.